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Course Fees

All course fees are due at the time of the course registration unless other arrangements are made.  High Tide Scuba reserves the right to withhold any certification until all course fees are paid in full and all rental gear is returned. We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards. There is a $20.00 service fee for all returned checks.

Course Cancellation/Reschedule policy

Students who wish to drop out of a course they have signed up for must give at least ten (10) day's notice and return all unused course materials to receive a refund (less a $50.00 administrative fee).

Students who cancel or drop out of a scheduled course with less than ten (10) days notice will not receive any refund, unless due to a medical reason and a doctor's note is provided. The doctor's note must clearly state that the student is not able to Scuba dive due to health reasons. Students providing a doctor's note prior to the start of their class will receive a full refund (less a $50.00 administrative fee). Students unable to complete a class for medical reasons that is already in progress, may join another class at a later date with no additional expense.  

Students who fail to show up for a class/course will not receive a credit or refund for the program, and all fees paid will be considered forfeited.

Our Scuba classes are performance based.  Any student who cannot complete his/her course for performance reasons are allowed to join the next scheduled class at no additional cost.  No refunds are made for students who cannot meet the performance standards. Students must re-enroll and complete all training within a 12 month period.

Any student who requires personalized one-on-one instruction in order to complete the training must convert to a private course, and they must pay the difference in the group and private course fees.

Any course cancelled by High Tide Scuba will result in a 100% refund or credit to the student with no administrative fee.

Certified Divers

Scuba certified family and friends may not accompany students during any pool or open water dives.  There are no exceptions to this policy.

Air Filling Policy

High Tide Scuba provides high quality breathing air for scuba divers. We use premium air filters with in-line Carbon Monoxide monitoring to ensure high quality breathing air.  Our air quality is tested quarterly by an independent lab, and our test results are available upon request.

High Tide Scuba will not fill any personally owned scuba cylinder when the cylinder’s visual or hydrostatic inspection has expired.  High Tide Scuba also reserves the right to deny the filling of any personally owned Scuba cylinder when the Visual Inspection Program (VIP) sticker does not conform to industry standards, or the identity of the inspector cannot be verified.

We will not fill any cylinder that: The manufactures stamped codes cannot be read; the valve has no pressure relief or burst disk; a burst disk that has been doubled or altered; has dents, bulges, line corrosion, pits, or heat discoloration.

Nitrox Cylinders - Oxygen cleaning is not required for continuous blend mixes (32 percent).  Any other custom blend requires that the cylinder be oxygen cleaned.  We will not fill any customer cylinder when the O2 cleanliness of a cylinder cannot be verified.  We do not “top off” partial pressure blends for customer’s cylinders.

Rental Policy:

The use of rental gear is included with our Open Water Diver course only.  For all other courses, the student must provide all necessary gear or make arrangements to rent gear.

Gear is the responsibility of the student while in their possession.  Lost, stolen, or damaged gear will be charged to the customer.

Any customer returning excessively dirty equipment will incur a $25.00 cleaning fee.

Youth Divers (under age 18)

A parent or legal guardian must be onsite at all times during all pool and open water training. Minors not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian will not be admitted entry into Clear Springs Scuba Park.

Privacy Policy

We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. That is why we have adopted this privacy policy. This policy lets you know how your personal information is processed and used.

We will NEVER sell your e-mail address or any other information about you to a third party.

All personal information is strictly confidential and shared only with our financial institution for processing.

We maintain a strict No-Spam policy that means we do not sell, rent, or otherwise give your personal information to outside companies.

If you require further details or have questions or concerns with any of our policies, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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