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Kevin Williams – Instructor Trainer

Kevin Williams is an SSI Instructor Trainer, PADI IDC Staff Instructor, Multiple Specialties Instructor, Emergency First Response Instructor, Public Safety Diver Instructor, and a Scuba Equipment Service Technician.  Kevin began his professional diver training with High Tide Scuba in 2012 as a PADI Divemaster and has continued professional training during subsequent years. He has completed specialized training in equipment repair and maintenance with American Underwater Products (AUP – Oceanic, Aeris & Hollis), Sherwood Scuba, Atomic Aquatics, Mares, Aqua Lung, Apeks, Scuba Pro, PADI’s TEC Gas Blender, and PADI’s Equipment Specialist courses. Throughout the various and extensive specialty training that Kevin has received, he is very partial to PADI’s Distinctive Specialty Course - FULL Face Mask and also enjoys PADI’s Recreational Sidemount Diving as his two favorite training courses and recreational diving activities.   Kevin is an avid outdoorsman, especially those activities that are conducted on or near the water. He likes to hike, camp, ride mountain bikes, kayak, standup paddleboard, and of course scuba dive at every opportunity. Whenever possible, Kevin has his two Hungarian Vizsla’s accompany him on all of his outdoor activities, they are very special members of his family.
Jonathan Polak (Fuzzy) – Dive Guide Instructor

Jonathan “Fuzzy” Polak is a SSI and Padi Scuba instructor who started diving in 2014 with a discover scuba dive in Cozumel. After he arrived home he found High tide and his journey started. He dove (pun intended) into Open water, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Enriched Air Diver, Advanced Open Water, and Rescue Diver certifications all within a year. He then spent the next 4 years working as a divemaster candidate and diving abroad. In early 2019 he finished his divemaster internship and immediately started studying to become an instructor which he completed almost immediately. He genuinely loves teaching and working as a professional through High tide. He is certified to take you all the way through the ranks and can teach a “boatload” of specialties. His favorites are night, wreck, enriched air, and bringing new professionals in as divemasters. 
In 2022 he became an amputee, loosing his left leg above the knee, causing him to join an extremely small group of worldwide scuba professionals who continue to share the world they love despite a newfound disABILITY. His favorite places to dive are the US Virgin Islands, Cozumel, and anything Caribbean.


Marc Capots – Dive Master Instructor

Marc Capots is a certified PADI Master Scuba Diver and an Emergency First Response Instructor. He is also credited with 15 specialty instructor certifications that include boat diving, drift diving, night diving, enriched air (nitrox), peak performance buoyancy, wreck diving, side mount, dry suit, and Care for Children w/AED Instructor just to name a few. Marc Capots started his diving experiences in 2012 and has logged over 800 dives including Cozumel, Flower Gardens, Honduras, Florida Keys, Florida Atlantic Coast, Bonaire, Vancouver Canada, and many other Caribbean locations and inland lakes in Texas. His other diving passions also include side mount technical diving and working with High Tide Scuba on yearly Project Aware programs finding local lake and marine clean-up opportunities. Marc’s scuba teaching philosophy is to make every student excited and enthusiastic about scuba diving while understanding how to take care of our fragile underwater ecosystem as students continue to gain more experiences and certifications beyond open water.
Heather Gepford – Open Water Instructor

Heather Gepford is a certified SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor.  She is also certified to teach 15 SSI specialty courses including deep diving, navigation, night & limited visibility, enriched air nitrox, science of diving, photo & video, fish identification, boat diving, perfect buoyancy, diver stress & rescue, and waves, tides & currents.  Heather started diving in 2008, after she and her husband decided they wanted to do something more than just sitting on a beach somewhere for their 20th anniversary.  Within 14 months, they had both completed the requirements to be SSI Master Divers.  Heather entered the dive professional ranks as an SSI Dive Control Specialist in 2010, certifying as an SSI and a PADI open water instructor in 2013 and 2015 respectively.  She has logged well over 500 dives in a variety of locations including the Bahamas, Belize, Bonaire, the Cayman Islands, Cozumel, Curacao, Honduras, Fiji, the Florida Keys and Atlantic coast, and freshwater locations including Texas lakes & quarries and Florida springs & caverns.  As an engineer, Heather’s teaching philosophy is to go beyond just teaching the how but to also explain the why so that smarter, safer decisions can be made when encountering new situations underwater.  She also believes that every dive is a learning opportunity, no matter how may dives you have under your weight belt; in addition to honing your skills, dives routinely provide opportunities to learn more about yourself and the underwater world.  On those rare occasions when Heather is not diving or talking about diving, you can find her hanging out with her husband Denny, her two beagles, and/or her yellow Jeep Wrangler.

Derek Lee-Wo – Assistant Instructor

Derek Lee-Wo is an SSI Assistant Instructor.  He has always dreamt of learning to scuba dive and eventually embarked on that dream after taking a Discover Scuba class while on vacation in Cancun.  After becoming Open Water certified, he was hooked and quickly moved on to more and more advanced certifications including Deep Diver, TEC40, and TEC Sidemount.  He then moved into the Pro certifications becoming a PADI Divemaster and then an SSI Assistant Instructor.  He has managed to convince his entire family to become certified divers so they can dive as a family when on vacation. Derek's favorite dive so far has been the Great Barrier Reef with his family. When Derek isn't scuba diving, he's either triathlon training or working as a Software Engineering Executive.
Beth Mullin – Master Diver Trainer

Beth Mullin is a certified PADI Master Scuba Diving Trainer, Emergency First Response Instructor and SSI Instructor.

Beth started her dive career in 2016 with High Tide Scuba and has been addicted ever since.  She fell in love with the underwater world immediately.  Her drive is to share the first underwater breath with her students. Watching them learn and enjoying more and more from her. To help broaden already certified divers to learn and enjoy even more skills and courses. Have an understanding and respect for our oceans and ocean  life.  Scuba diving is her ZEN!  Beth loves to smile and have fun.  She has been diving in several places.. To name just a few: Grand Turk, Exumas in the Bahamas, Cozumel, Tulum ( cenote diving), Isla Mujeras, Roatan, Costa Maya, Belize, Texas Flower Gardens, Grand Cayman, Puerto Rico and Little Cayman.   When Beth is not diving, she works in healthcare and enjoys her family of  3 beautiful daughters, 2 grandsons, 2 granddaughters and 4 precious calves. 

Beth is certified to teach open water/advanced open water and a variety of specialty courses that include boat diving, night diving, drift diving, side mount diving, enriched air (nitrox), peak performance buoyancy,- wreck diving, full face mask, Rescue diving, search and recovery, navigation, just to  name a few.



Peter McRee (Doc) –  Open Water Instructor

Peter “Doc” McRee is a local chiropractor who started his diving experience in 2017. Doc’s interest in scuba diving started as a preteen watching “Sea Hunt”, thinking “It must be really cool breathing underwater for 30 minutes and not having to come to the surface”. He is a PADI Dive Master and SSI Instructor. He enjoys watching new student divers become certified divers. Doc has a passion for diving and has certified in deep diving, night diving, wreck diving, underwater navigation, full face mask, drysuit, nitrox, search and recovery, rescue diving and oxygen provider. He has logged over 300 dives in places like Fiji, Cozumel, Roatan, Belize, Playa del Carmen, Flordia Keys, Megalodon tooth diving in Florida Gulf, shark diving in Florida Atlantic, and, of course, diving the murky waters of The Scuba Ranch and Ben Wheeler. You can find him diving and/or assisting in diver training most weekends from May to October.
Brian Ehrler – Assistant Instructor Trainer

Brian Ehrler is an SSI-certified Open Water Instructor.  Brian is also certified to teach many SSI specialty courses including perfect buoyancy, navigation, enriched air nitrox, science of diving,  marine ecology, diver stress & rescue, deep diving, and drysuit equipment specialty.   Brian became a certified open water diver in 2018, when he and his sons ventured into the underwater world as they coordinated a BSA Sea Scouting SCUBA event.   Since then Brian has logged 300+ dives in Texas inland lakes, Flower Gardens in the Gulf, Florida, Cozumel, Honduras, and Bonaire.   Brian enjoys traveling and exploring new places both above and below the water.  Brian's teaching philosophy is "There is always something new to learn, so why not have fun learning it."  A safe and fun learning environment provides a platform where students can develop their skills to enjoy the underwater world.   The more people we have enjoying the underwater environment, the more people we have with a desire to protect and preserve it.  
Gary Beam - Instructor Trainer

Gary Beam is an SSI Instructor Trainer and a PADI Elite Staff Instructor who enjoys sharing his passion for the underwater realm with not only certified divers but with anyone who is interested in seeing what’s below the surface. Gary took three years off to live and gain valuable SCUBA instruction experience in the Virgin Islands working side by side with some of the best instructors in the world. With over 5,000 dives and thousands of SCUBA certifications at all levels of the Recreational and Professional levels of the SCUBA industry, he is now back in Texas sharing this experience with everyone interested in taking the plunge. 

Sean Mullins – Instructor

Sean Mullins is a certified PADI & SSI Open Water Dive Instructor. Sean is also certified to teach many specialties in PADI and SSI. Sean’s first diving experience was over 20 years ago. Sean has experienced blue water adventures in Hawaii, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Cancun, Bonaire, Aruba, Turks & Caicos, Florida, LaPaz, and Egypt. “I love being underwater. It is a completely different world. For me it is like being an astronaut. I get to experience an environment that is not natural for me to operate in, and I get to engage with amazing creatures. I truly enjoy helping people learn to dive. To see that growth in confidence and overcoming the initial challenges is very enjoyable.”

Gary Williams - Assistant Instructor

Gary joined the professional ranks of the High Tide team in May 2023 as a Divemaster.  He began his diving journey with HTS in May 2019.  He quickly discovered he had found his passion and began diving frequently, most often in the lakes of central Texas and regularly taking specialty courses to expand his knowledge and experience.  He was awarded Master Diver in June 2021 and SSI Assistant Instructor in 2024.  He holds certifications in Solo/Independent Diver, Sidemount, Nitrox, Drysuit, Stress and Rescue, Deep Diving, Full Face Mask, Night and Limited Visibility, and Altitude amongst others.  Gary is also a DAC certified diver with the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment in San Marcos, TX where he volunteers to help maintain the habitat of the headwaters of the San Marcos River, home to several endangered species.  He enjoys helping instructors train new divers and continue their journey through specialty courses.
Haley Gibbs – Open Water Instructor

Haley Wright is a certified SSI Open Water Instructor. Haley started her dive career in 2020  with High Tide Scuba and has been passionately in love with the sport ever since. Beginning her journey as an aquarium tech needing the certification for a coral collection trip, she loved her first breaths underwater so much she started taking all the certification classes she could to learn more. Her goal is to be able to share her passion with people in a fun safe environment and hopefully teach people more about the beautiful and amazing aquatic life both locally and globally. She loves to help others grow and learn. Always down to go diving with anyone anywhere because she believes there's always something new or exciting to do underwater, even if you've dove there before!

Frank Anderson (Dink) – Assistant Instructor

Frank Anderson (Dink)  started scuba diving as a NASDS open water diver in 1994. Diving with some 450+ logged dives. He has the experience and expertise to help divers reach their potential. He loves diving his favorite wreck (Pic above , C-53) in Cozumel and the Flower Gardens in the Gulf of Mexico is a favorite destination. He enjoys diving anywhere from 2 ft visibility lakes to the 200+ ft visibility blue water. He has many certifications, React Right, Night and Limited visibility, Independent, Dry Suit, and Advanced wreck to name a few. He is an advocate for protecting our oceans and inland waters. He is an outdoorsmen and water sport enthusiast. He Loves spending time with family and friends as well as the underwater world. Favorite quote: "The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish."
Nathan Natchke - Open Water Instructor

My name is Nathan Natchke and I was certified as a Jr Open Water Diver in 1986. Ever since my first open water dive I’ve been hooked on diving, I truly believe that there is no better place on earth than underwater! I have dove in many of the dive sites in Texas and when I joined the Marine Corps I took my love of diving with me and have been diving all over the world. In 2012 I decided to share my love of diving with others and became a dive instructor. I thoroughly love teaching and/or participating in all dive courses. I’m certified to teach many of the most popular dive courses and enjoy teaching all of them which allows me to see divers grow in the sport. 
Kevin Perry (K2) - Open Water Instructor
Kevin “K2” Perry loves all things water.  He became the first certified scuba diver in his family in 1997.  He then spent the next three years diving in Florida caverns, taking specialty classes through SSI and gaining experience.  In 2001, he became a divemaster and found a love for helping students and diving in rock quarries.  
K2 loves liveaboard diving on Blackbeards and Aquacat and hopes to dive the Fling soon!  Professionally, he is a certified SSI Open Water Instructor. His teaching philosophy is that we should be having fun, learning and practicing skills so that we’re prepared for any situation within our training level!  
Ryan Gunning - Assistant Instructor
Ryan Gunning is a SSI Assistant Instructor who started diving in 2017 with High Tide Scuba.  He has always wanted to learn to dive and finally made that decision after a vacation to Grand Cayman.  After getting his Open Water Certification, Ryan has been passionate for the sport and began working towards his professional scuba career. He holds certifications in Enriched Air Nitrox Level 2, Navigation, Night & Limited Visibility, Perfect Buoyancy, Wreck Diving, Diver Stress & Rescue, React Right, and Marine Ecology.  Ryan has experienced blue water diving in Grand Cayman, Roatan, and the Florida Keys.  He also has experience in various Texas lakes.  “I love being under water in an environment that humans are naturally not a part of.  I love interacting with the marine life and being able to fly through the water.” He enjoys helping instructors train new divers and helping with specialty classes. 
Ken Baugh - Open Water Instructor

Kenneth Baugh (Ken)  started scuba diving as an open water diver in 2021. He enjoys diving the local Texas lakes with visibility as low as 8 inches, to diving the Texas Flower Gardens with vis to 100ft. He has many certifications, React Right, Night and Limited visibility, Dry Suit, Enriched Nitrox, Navigation and Advanced wreck to name a few. He began his dive professional career in 2023 as an assistant instructor and became an Open Water Instructor in 2024. He loves being in the water teaching students and looking at their faces when they take that first breath underwater and seeing a whole new world open up to them. His favorite saying is " A bad day blowing bubbles, beats a good day in the office, period!"

Jonathan Detty - Open Water Instructor

Jonathan “Dango” Detty has had a passion for SCUBA since first being introduced to it in 1986.  Diving with High Tide Scuba since 2021, he enjoys training and diving as a family with his wife and four daughters year round.  Jon’s love of teaching and sharing the water pushed him to pursue a professional path in diving and he currently holds multiple SSI Specialty and Instructor Certifications. 

Shore diving and exploring wrecks and caverns are among his favorite experiences and he continues to work towards his Technical Diver ratings to pursue deeper waters.  Whether hanging out on the Jiu Jitsu mats or playing in the pool, Jon loves to pursue excellence in all things with joy and care.

Jonathon Snodgrass - Open Water Instructor

Having started diving in 2013 while traveling and diving in Hawaii, Tahiti, New Zealand, Great Barrier Reef, Galápagos Islands, Bahamas, Cozumel, along the Gulf coast and in Texas lakes. Certified at High Tide he has progressed with the many opportunities High Tide has to offer. Driven by the joy of diving and the ocean environment he works to bring others to it as well. 

Cassie Kinnison - Assistant Instructor
I got bullied into getting certified to dive when my youngest daughter and husband wanted to take a trip to Australia to dive the Great Barrier Reef. I didn’t want to be stuck on the liveaboard all day, so I decided I should probably get certified so I could join them. Who would want to miss out on a trip to Australia? That trip never came about, by the way, but I did get certified while I was in Grenada on vacation. I didn’t dive again till the following year when we went to St. Lucia. While there, I met a great instructor that took me through an underwater video and photography certification. After that, my mind was blown, and I haven’t stopped diving since. I’ve done a ton of certifications since then, (wink wink) because now I’m also an SSI Assistant Instructor. I love to help people, so I might as well be able to certify them as well while doing it. Obviously, I am leading into telling you my passion became underwater photography. It has taught me to slow down, slow my breathing, and see everything, absolutely everything in this underwater world. I have the best dive buddy, my husband, who pretty much will take me anywhere I want to go (unless the water is cold he said). We dive together and laugh and talk about the things we found in this large aquarium we call the ocean. Capture the moment and relive the experience. 

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